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Hello Beautiful!

We've been working hard behind the scenes, pouring our little hearts into these SFG LABEL pieces seen in the video! And yes, all these pieces are now all LIVE on the site now! Spotted something you want? You'll be able to find it right here

Hope you'll love these heart-made pieces as much as we enjoyed creating them for you! Get clicking! We'll leave you to it now ;) 




Hey Gorgeous! 

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend so far! We had a photoshoot sometime last week, and wanted to take you behind the scenes with us! Here's a little peek at how we produce all the images you see right here on our site. 

What do you think? We LOVE the resulting video! Let us know if you want more of such content from us, and we'll do our best to produce more for you. 

You can also find short videos like these and other behind the scenes footage on our Instagram @sofrockinggood. Be sure to follow us there for more of such content! Till later!




Happy CNY everyone! We're finally back to our regular broadcasting now that all the visiting madness is starting to quieten down. 

This time round, we would love to introduce you to Fiona, also known as @popthebob. We instantly fell in love with her gorgeous feed, made up of minimalistic lifestyle and clothing snapshots. She also runs a blog titled of reveries.

Intrigued by this pretty face? So were we! Read on for the interview!



SFG: Give us a quick introduction of yourself!

FIONA: Bachelor of Communications graduate. Still figuring out what to do with my life. Love clean aesthetics. I respond with a really awkward "haha yeah" when people ask if i'm a fashion blogger hahahahha (don't ask why!).


SFG: How did you get started on your blog/instagram?
FIONA: I started snapping #ootds for my Instagram only about a year(ish) ago. I had trouble choosing which photo to post and I didn't want to post multiple images of the same outfit. So, I figured I should just start a blog, post ALL the photos in a single blog post and also talk more about it without typing a mega long caption on IG. Also, I wanted to have an outlet to write my *~thoughts on life~*.


SFG: Who usually snaps your photos for you?
FIONA: My boyfriend and/ or my sister! I get really shy when it comes to posing for OOTDs, even in front my best friends. Mainly because not many of them are into this outfit thing so unless I absolutely have to snap photos of my outfit, I wouldn't trouble my friends.



SFG: We ADORE your pictures! We're sure we’re not the only ones wondering what equipment/accessories you use to produce them. Care to share?
FIONA: Thank you, glad to hear that you guys like them! Canon DSLR and/ or my iPhone 5S. I usually post-process/ edit the photos with VSCO (which compresses the photos into a lower resolution but sigh.. I love the filters).


SFG: Do you have any ‘grand plans’ for your blog/instagram in 2015 and beyond?
FIONA: Well, (a huge) part of me wished that I could do this as a full-time job but I never intended my blog/instagram to go anywhere! I never expected anyone to care or even be a little interested in what I wore. When I got an email informing me that I was the one of the top 10 finalist for Singapore Blog Awards 2014, my blog kind of picked up from there and I got emails regarding collaborations etc. The last 8 months was a pleasant little surprise for me and in 2015, I hope I'd be able to work on more exciting collaborations! 



SFG: What do you like most about So Frocking Good? ;)
FIONA: I can't decide what I love most about So Frocking Good! I honestly love the style direction of So Frocking Good, it's everything I would want in my wardrobe. I adore swing dresses, parkas and the occasional floral print. I love how So Frocking Good is minimalist and chic, I would honestly wear everything. 

( Editor's Note: The love is mutual, Fiona! )




Above: A handmade card Fiona painted for Valentine's day. You're a gem indeed! <3


We sent some of our pieces her way, and waited anxiously for Fiona to style and shoot the outfits! As expected, we LOVED the resulting pictures that are now up on her blog and instagram @popthebob. Here are a few of our favourites!




We love the angular lines in the background and the creative composition of this picture! Fiona channels effortless style with our self-manufactured KALIA Utility Parka in a unique shade of ash purple. Found here.



Making our simple CLAUDIA Keyhole Chiffon Tank look casual-chic, by styling it with a tasselled bag and printed shorts. Currently sold out



We love how she edged up a simple bodycon skirt with a moto jacket and ankle boots!  Styling? 10/10! The CARINE Shimmer Bodycon Skirt in midnight can be found here


We hade a FANTASTIC time working with this gorgeous young lady, and have been thoroughly inspired by her effortless, less is more style! This marks the end of our tête-à-tête with Fiona, but we would absolutely love to work with her again! 



Till we meet again, Fiona! <3




Have a blogger/instagrammer you would like to see featured here? Interested in collaborating with us on upcoming features?

Head over HERE for details and to get in touch with us! We look forward to working with you.


The final day of the year tends to put us in a reflective headspace - recounting all the things we've achieved (or not) in this span of 365 days.

Much has changed for SFG this year. We set out with the aim of pushing ourselves out of the comfort zone, and daring to dream bigger. Taking more risks, trying new methods of doing things, always tweaking behind the scenes.


Some things that we are particularly proud of achieving this year include:

  • Moving to a new & bigger office space early this year
  • Giving our site a complete overhaul to improve it's look and functionality
  • Manufacturing our first batch of SFG Label items (which sold out, thanks to you!)
  • Continuing to design + manufacture a significant proportion of items on our store
  • Starting our SFG Blogger/Instagram Spotlight segment on our blog, featuring fresh faces on the scene with rad style



Of course, we could not have done any of this without your support!

Heartfelt thanks go out to our most ardent supporters, especially those who provide us with feedback and suggestions whether it's positive or not. We love hearing from you, and we take every single email from you to heart. (Please continue writing back to us frequently!) 

Indeed, 2014 has been a good year for us, and we aim to make SFG even better in 2015! Being an online store, we hate not being able to communicate with you guys in a conventional face to face manner. Communicating with you guys is something we are working on improving, so that we can understand you and your needs better! 

We are also working on launching our rewards program, which will let you earn points for shopping with us, referring your BFFs or simply just being on our site! You may have seen it peeking out on the site, or already started earning points! We will be launching it proper in the coming months, along with many other new features we have planned. 

All that said, we just want to thank you for being with us. 
It really means a lot to have your support, and we promise to never stop improving! 

Onward to an even more awesome 2015, and Happy New Year! 



We want to see you in our clothes! 

Part of the joy of doing what we do, is seeing customers in our clothes. Be it getting excited when we spot someone wearing SFG on the streets, or being tagged by you lovely ladies on Instagram (@sofrockinggood). It makes our day brighter just seeing you girls wearing clothes we have carefully curated or designed + manufactured! 

We launched #SFGWIWT sometime in November to provide a little extra push of encouragement, for those who have been considering uploading an OOTD while wearing SFG!


Here's the winner of our $20 voucher for November:


@clicksnaptwist in our WILLA Side Cutout Dress in Black (sold out). Do check out her gorgeous feed


Interested in submitting some #SFGWIWT photos of your own? Easy!

  1. Style your outfit including at least 1 SFG piece. 
  2. Channel your inner Cara, then pose + snap! Grab your BFF to help you if required!
  3. Post your look on instagram, and use the #SFGWIWT + tag us @sofrockinggood 
  4. Follow us on Instagram so you'll know when we announce the winner(s)! 


You are now in the running to win a $20 voucher every month! Even if you don't win in the month you submitted your #SFGWIWT, you may still be chosen in the upcoming months! 


We can't wait to see photos of you wearing SFG! Get snapping and good luck! <3