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We're Back - with another fresh face! 

As promised, we are back with a new feature this month! For those unfamiliar with our new initiative, we will be featuring a fresh face on the blogging/instagram scene each month! If you haven't already read November's feature, you can head over here to read it! 

This month, we'd like you to meet Hilary, also known as @hlrys on Instagram. Hilary's feed kept us scrolling and scrolling, through an endless sea of vibrant colours and a quirky mishmash of styles. We love how she can be feminine & flirty one day, and gothic (complete with a black lippie!) the next. 

Join us in finding out more about this bubbly, fearless fashionista!



SFG: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

HILARY: I'm a final year student in Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information and I major in Journalism. I've always had an interest in fashion, but never really got down to taking OOTD's regularly until the start of this year. I'm almost always in false eyelashes and a top bun - it adds to my height.



SFG: We noticed quite a wide range of #OOTD styles on your feed! How would you best describe your style?

HILARY: I'm still trying to find my signature look, but I would say my style is eclectic. I like the satisfaction that comes with putting together an outfit using new and old pieces in my wardrobe. It's like I'm "match-making" my clothes.  



SFG: How did your instagram journey begin?

HILARY: It all began with Sharon Au. I was working as an intern in Mediacorp and my office was right next to hers. Naturally, everytime I saw her, I would be starstuck. The other interns told me that if I uploaded an OOTD on (that's where Sharon is working), she would eventually notice me. So i did, I uploaded my Chinese New Year outfit and true enough, that same week, Sharon came up to me and talked to me. She knew my name and even remembered what I wore, how I styled my outfit etc! From then on, I started taking OOTDs and it's now evolved into a fashion diary for me.



Vintage Perfection - Hilary's very first outfit posted on stylexstyle.


SFG: What are your thoughts on the local fashion scene at the moment?

HILARY: I think the local fashion scene is generally shaped by blogshops. What they sell is what the "next big thing" is going to be. Creativity and individuality are hard to come by.

(Editor's note: we think you're doing an awesome job at breaking the mould with your styling!) 


SFG: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose to be?

HILARY: I would choose Korea. I love the food, culture, the shopping is fantastic and makeup is so affordable! It's like waking up to your dreamland every day.



We loved Hilary's style so much we sent her some pieces from our store, to she how she would style them! She happened to be travelling to Hong Kong during that period, which made us even more excited to see how she would style our pieces in her OOTDs! 

We LOVED the pictures that turned out, and here are some of the results! You can also head over to her Instagram (@hlrys) to see the posts and her thoughts on the pieces.


This picture! We love the artistry of this shot! Hilary is wearing the ARYA Stripped Ribbed Pullover in Mustard. Found here.


And here's Hilary channelling 2 different vibes with the ALEXA Criss Cross Back Dress in White (found here). Exuding an edgier vibe by pairing it with a leather jacket and making it look ethereal on it's own. 



We loved every moment of working with this gorgeous, vibrant young woman! We can't wait to see more unique, eclectic and OOTD posts from her. Do check out her feed, and you'll see what we mean. Here's Hilary bidding an adorable farewell to us, for now!



Till we meet again, Hilary! <3




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Say whatttt? 


Welcome to our first ever feature!

Each month, we aim to feature a new blogger or instagrammer who (we think you'll agree) have rad style. 

Erin first caught our eye with her part minimalistic, part borrowed-from-the-boys looks on instagram (@nsyerin). We fell in love with her gorgeous, curated feed and were immediately inspired to reach out and collaborate with her on a blogpost.

Her blog, Color With Rouge provides an insight to her personal life, photography and fashion pursuits. We wanted to get to know this multi-faceted virtuoso better, and decided to do a quick interview with her.



SFG: Tell us a little about yourself.

ERIN: I'm 19 going 20 in November this year, which feels extremely morbid. I've played the piano & violin since a young age and am currently in the midst of a gap year to prepare to study music. Fashion and reading are also some of my other favourites.

SFG: How would you describe your style?

ERIN: My style is very simple and more often than not, monochromatic. The only colours I occasionally wear are nudes, grey, blue and sometimes flannel red. It took quite some time to figure out what my "style" is but I think I've finally settled on (sort of) minimalism now.


SFG: What are some trends/styles that you're loving right now?

ERIN: I'm a big fan of layering and coats but it's such a bummer that I can't pull that trend without possibly getting a heatstroke in Singapore. I'm also pretty into the female menswear trend, like loafers, knee-length shorts and oversized boyfriend style apparels. And, well, minimalistic style.

SFG: We love discovering new bloggers with awesome style. Are there any fashion/style blogs that you read on the regular?

ERIN: My number one go-to blog when I'm feeling at a loss of inspiration is by Alyssa Lau. Sometimes I try to channel her style but it doesn't really work hahaha. There are also by Zoe Suen, by Yan Yan Chan and by Cathy Nguyen!

SFG: What would be your perfect weekend?

ERIN: At the moment, my weekends are all about work and rushing homework for the coming music theory lesson on Monday as a result of too much procrastination. So a perfect weekend would be spending Saturday out with friends, then spending Sunday just sleeping in and chilling at home.



We also sent Erin some pieces she picked from our store, to see how she would style them. As expected, she wore them in her typical slightly quirky fashion. Head over here to see the full post on her blog. Here are some of our favourites. 

When we sent her our ALEXA dress, we definitely did not expect her to layer it over a shirt. A feminine, flirty dress instantly transformed into something more edgy and preppy, especially when paired with sneakers. One dress, many outfits. Genius!



Here are the other two items Erin picked, and layered for the following look. 
- VIDA Denim Jumpsuit (sold out)
- ANDREA Watercolour Print Top (sold out) 




We can't wait to see more updates from this fresh face, with her unique style and gorgeous photographs. We're sure she would be posting more pictures once she gets through her upcoming violin exams.


With love from us at SFG, GOOD LUCK ERIN! <3





Have a blogger/instagrammer you would like to see featured here? Interested in collaborating with us on upcoming features?

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SFG is on the prowl for new faces on the fashion blogging scene! We will be featuring a new blogger every month on our blog, and are looking for serious bloggers who want to collaborate with us.

Psst.. our very first feature/collaboration is coming up really soon (later this month), and we can't wait to kickstart this new feature on our blog! 

There are only 2 simple requirements:

1. You must have an active blog relating to fashion.
2. You must have an active & public Instagram account relating to your blog. 

That's it!

All you have to do now is send an email to us with the subject "SFG Blogger Spotlight". Be sure to include your blog URL and instagram handle too! Feel free to include a short writeup about yourself/your blog if you want!

We'll screen through all the applications and let you know if you have been selected! Details will be furnished once we get in touch with you. 

We can't wait to discover new blogs and share it with all our shoppers!

Get in touch with us now at:

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