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Hello lovely Frockers!

As you may know, we started designing and manufacturing our own products sometime last month. Haven't seen them yet? Check them out here

The first piece was the TAYLOR Asymmetrical Draped Skorts, and next came the ODELIA Strappy Floral Cami. We put our little hearts into both of these designs, and are really thankful for the support you've shown us thus far! To be frank, we were pretty apprehensive when we first put them up. But having you girls giving us the vote of confidence in purchasing our debut designs was really encouraging. 



We decided to start producing our own designs because we wanted to better tailor our products to you, our customer. Having full control over the fabric choice, cutting, sizing etc. would ensure that we can deliver higher quality products while still staying affordable. After asking you girls for feedback (THANK YOU to all who took time our and responded!), we have gained a lot of insight on how to improve. 

Many of you provided valuable insight on sizing especially, which we will definitely keep in mind and put into action on future designs that are not yet in production. Know that YOU helped us make the change! We really appreciate each and every single one of you for the support, feedback and suggestions to help us improve and cater to you better. Rest assured nothing has fallen on deaf ears (or blind eyes?). 

Stay tuned for more pieces under the SFG Label that are coming soon, and we hope you would continue providing us we your opinions, so we can continue gauging how the adjustments we have made affect you. Much love from all of us!


Sooooo you may ( or may not :'( ) have noticed that we have just overhauled our beloved nook on the internet. We've been planning it for quite some time now, because we felt the old site lacked some functionality we wanted.

Much as we loved the old design and layout, we decided that we needed to move on. And Voilà! Here we are! Being the worry warts we are, we're still fretting about whether you, our loyal SFG fans, love/hate the new look. We would love to hear from you!

Spot something that looks awry or think there is something we can improve on? We want to know! Let us know in the comments? 

To all who are busy being slave to their upcoming exams, SOLDIER ON! We promise to be here for you during your mini-breaks! 



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