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/ Efy Ramdan @efymefy


Oh Hai!

Welcome to a brand new segment on the Lazy Girl Blog — #LAZYGIRLCRUSH . For our very first feature, we couldn't think of anyone better than Efy Ramdan. A fixture in the local "indiegram" street style community, Efy needs little introduction.

We fell hard for her ecletic blend of oversized sweatshirts, envy-inducing sneaker collection, glamour inspired makeup and all-round effortless style.


Unsatisfied with merely scrolling through her feed, we reached out to the queen of casual-cool to feed our curiosity. Join us in getting to know the girl behind the instragram handle @efymefy.



LAZYGIRL (L) : Hey Efy! Tell us a little about yourself.

EFY (E) : Efy's the name as you guys already know. I'm a 25 years old who certainly doesn't look like one at all haha. There was once I met up with a client and the client asked if I'm legal to do a project required by them (she thought I'm 17) haha so ridiculous.

I like to dream BIG! Constantly thinking about my future. I have loads of upcoming plans for my future but its a matter of time right now.


L : How did you start Instagramming and sharing your style online?

E : It all started with (no idea why is my account still there haha! I thought I've deleted it!) and slowly created a fashion blog documenting each of my outfit (which didn't last until I started Poly because school work was just cray). Facebook was one of the platform where I shared my outfits to my friends as well. But all that was before the Instagram era.

Before I went "Efy Mefy" across all social network, my screen name was "Efy Herself". I was so into Jackass, Viva La Bam and Wildboyz back when they took over MTV reality series. My name was inspired by one of the few skater/stuntman from the Viva La Bam crew, Raab Himself. No idea why am I even explaining this. HAHA



L : Take us through an episode of “a day in the life of Efy”.

E : Typical "Efy day" consist of nothing interesting but the same as any other person! When I have the free time at home, I Netflix all day long. But when I'm out, shopping and dessert would be my priorities.


L : We gotta ask, who is usually behind the lens when you’re in front of it?

E : That would be my boyfriend, Moses and my close friend, Shah! My Instagram Husbands for now HAHA!



L : Which adjectives would your closest friends use to describe you?

E : Bold - I dare to take up big challenges! Creative and admirable for my own sense of style!


L : How would you describe your style?

E : High-street mixing notable streetwear labels with a tinge of luxury brands here and there. Fusion basically! An eclectic one too because I adore colours.



L : What inspires you?

E : People living up to their dreams. Independent people and people who dare to take up bigger challenges.


L : Tell us something you wish people knew about you.

E : I'm SUPER friendly!


L : What are your plans for the future?

E : I have loads of plans for the future. One of them is something people wouldn't think I'd be doing - but that's a secret for now!


And that wraps up our mini-interview with Efy! We asked Efy to pick out a couple of pieces from our store to style and photograph. Here's how things went down. 


 In the FRIDA Muscle Tank in oatmeal (link).


Layers upon layers - TRISHA Oversized Shirt in stripes (link) / RILEY Soft Knit Jogger Pants in full black (link).


Gotta get that grub - KYLIE Everyday Tee Shirt Dress (link)



This concludes Volume 1 of our #LAZYGIRLCRUSH segment here on the blog! We mentioned previously on this Instagram post that we really wanna do more features and longform articles like this. Of course, curating and putting together articles like this takes significantly more time than just posting a picture on Instagram.

So - we wanna know: Did you enjoy reading this article? Do you want to see more content like this? We would love to get your feedback. Just use the thumbs up/down buttons to let us know how you feel! As always, you can also drop me a direct email at  to let me know your thoughts; I'm always happy to hear from you!


Till next time! 


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You know you’re a true lazygirl when you put off doing the laundry until the very last minute.
Sometimes, we all need a little motivation to get our butts off the couch and to do something productive.
But then again... Maybe some other day...?


ERIN Loose Fit Shirt Dress in Pink - found here
Claire N. photographed by Jia Gen

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I'm Clara, the founder of Lazy Girl Collective. Lovely to e-meet you :)

You've probably never seen me before because I prefer running the business from behind the lens/scenes/screen - and for now, prefer to keep it that way.

The reason I'm penning this letter is to make communication more open around here. The team and I will be curating regular entries here on the Lazy Girl blog to keep you guys in the loop on everything. Updates, changes, upcoming plans and projects, along with regular style and feature articles. I want to keep you in the loop and help you understand why (and how) we do certain things we do.

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We get that it is exciting to see fresh stuff land in store every single week! We're avid online shoppers as well and can fully relate. But for the time being at least, we have made the decision to scale back our new arrival launches to once/twice every month. This will give us more time to create rad new designs, and also allow us to grow our brand in a sustainable manner. 

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