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A Letter from the Faceless Founder


Hey there, Gorgeous!

I'm Clara, the founder of Lazy Girl Collective. Lovely to e-meet you :)

You've probably never seen me before because I prefer running the business from behind the lens/scenes/screen - and for now, prefer to keep it that way.

The reason I'm penning this letter is to make communication more open around here. The team and I will be curating regular entries here on the Lazy Girl blog to keep you guys in the loop on everything. Updates, changes, upcoming plans and projects, along with regular style and feature articles. I want to keep you in the loop and help you understand why (and how) we do certain things we do.

Which brings me to the first thing I wanted to talk about.

Those who have been following us for some time now would have noticed that we no longer launch every single week. This was a conscious and deliberate decision. 

#TeamLazy is a tiny team (like really tiny), and we are still gradually refining our brand and building our audience. It is difficult to continuously pump out 100% self-designed and manufactured pieces to sustain launching new designs every single week. We want our pieces to be created with love, and be stuff we can confidently stand behind. This creative process takes time. We want to spend that time - instead of constantly feeling pressured to churn out a multitude of designs just to meet self-inflicted deadlines. 

We get that it is exciting to see fresh stuff land in store every single week! We're avid online shoppers as well and can fully relate. But for the time being at least, we have made the decision to scale back our new arrival launches to once/twice every month. This will give us more time to create rad new designs, and also allow us to grow our brand in a sustainable manner. 

And when we finally decide to go back to our weekly launches, we'll let you know right here :) I felt it was necessary to explain this change and address it directly, so thanks for taking the time to read this!

If you are curious about something or have thoughts/feedback you would like to share with me, drop me a message (using the chat function on the bottom right) or email me directly at . I'd love to hear from you :)

We've got plenty more articles and content planned for the blog, so stay close!

Till next time,


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