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Brand Transition FAQ

Are you confused with the transition from to LAZYGIRL.CO? Have some burning questions to ask regarding #thenewSFG? 

Check this section below as we answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions you might have for us! 


Q: What will happen to my SFG account?

Fret not! All customer accounts will be automatically transferred over to the new brand – including your Loyalty Points (Frockles), Order History, Shipping Address(es). 
Your login credentials will also remain the same. 


Q: I really love the style of SFG, would the style of the new brand be different?

There will only be a slight shift in style direction - we are keeping everything else pretty much the same! Think of it as a version 2.0 of the SFG :)


Q: I still have an existing discount code/Store Credits with SFG, am I able to still apply it with the new brand?

A: Yes! Your discount code/Store Credits will be applicable on the new site.


Q: Why the change?

 A: It’s been 4 years since we started and the brand has continually evolved over the years. The previous brand was getting a little tired, and was in a dire need of a complete overhaul and refresh. Besides, we should always be moving forward, amirite? 


Q: Am I still able to purchase previous items from SFG?

Yes! All items that can be found on can also be found on the new brand.


Q: I am currently subscribed to SFG’s mailing list, do I have to re-subscribe to be on the new mailing list?

No action is required on your part – All of SFG’s mailing list subscribers will be automatically transferred to the new mailing list!


Q: I have more questions! 

Fret not! Simply use the floating chat option on the bottom right of the screen to email us! We will get back to you as soon as we can! :)