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Directions To Our Office


63 Ubi Ave 1, #07-03B
Singapore 408937

5 mins walk from Macpherson MRT station



1. Alight at Macpherson MRT station (CC10 / Circle Line). Exit at Exit B.

2. At the top of the escalator, follow the path and continue heading straight along the sheltered path. You will soon see a temple ahead along a large canal.

3. Upon reaching the temple, walking along the canal, or cut through the empty plot of grassy land. You should see Starhub building in the distance up ahead. Head towards Starhub building. 

4. Here's what Starhub building looks like! Cross the zebra crossing (or jaywalk, if you're a rebel like that), then continue walking along the road.

5. Keep walking, past OSIM building (grey coloured building).

6. Continue on the same path till you see a blue building, right beside the OSIM building you just past. Then turn right and swagger in at the gate.

7. Enter the building and take the passenger lift to the 7th floor – Turn towards your left, and we’re right beside Stationery World!

8. Thaaaat’s right, you found us! Ring our doorbell (for unit B) and we’ll come out to get you!


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